Investigate and stop the murder of vulnerable people, remove closed courts and meetings which should be public.

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Investigate and stop the murder of vulnerable people, remove closed courts and meetings which should be public.

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Dr Mark Jones started this petition to Prime Minister David Cameron

You wake up hungry, thirsty, forced to be alone, trapped in a bed with people lying about you, making you scared and wanting you dead. 

This is what is happening to the old and people who medicine is considered too expensive in the UK but not else where in the world!

And then this is being hidden.

I Dr Jones want a proper Independent public jury investigation including coroner on the death of my mother Mavis Banks. Who in her last days had tears in her eyes and wanted to live. But was forced to die. My mother said someone from Chester City council was trying to sell her home and land cheap and hit her in 2010 before her stroke that lead her to be in a nursing home. The strange actions of Chester City council were all done to shut her up and shows massive corruption in Cheshire. 

My mother was trapped in a CARE UK nursing home who are not fit to practice with what I saw happen to my mother.

An independent mental capacity expert tried to visit my mother and was stopped from entering CARE UK nursing home and on that day my mother had mental capacity and wanted to leave that place of horror.

Many people now have said this has happened to their loved one and they have been silenced. I want also their cases to be re opened and investigated.

I have met people who have lost loved ones who are only 50 years old and went into for simple meeting at a hospital and were forced to stay over and then died in strange circumstances. One case of a person who was 35 years old and a independent report showed the corner was deliberately wrong.

This is also affecting incubation units of babies…

 I want the end of closed courts, meeting which should be public as this is in the public good and great harm and death is occurring.

 My mother “in all probabilities” was murdered but the police did nothing and were taped.

The Care Quality Commission set up to stop this was described by MPs and others as “not fit for purpose”

 Please sign and stop this before it affects your loved ones.

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This petition had 181 supporters

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