PM, Theresa May: Reduce glass related injuries in late-night Bars and Night Clubs

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Pop-Campaign would like PET bottles and polycarbonate glasses introduced into all late-night Bars and Night Clubs in town and city centres.

In 2004 on Christmas Eve, Blake Golding (pictured), was working at Bar Me, Central Milton Keynes.  After helping a female colleague in an incident he was attacked with a glass bottle which left him fighting for his life.  He lost over 4 pints of blood and had his face and throat slashed.   Whilst Blake survived this horrific ordeal, he has been left permanently scarred both physically and mentally.

In 2005, his family set up Pop-Campaign.  They did not want this happening again, to anyone. They started working with local police, councils, drinking venues and word soon spread of this campaign.  The Goldings were and are, still asked today to attend police, council and safe drinking events and meetings throughout the UK.

Many towns and cities have been moved by the campaign and since implemented bans themselves but we need this to be implemented in every town and city centre.


  • Glass bottles/glasses are the most common weapon used in violent assaults in the UK.
  • 80,000 glass & bottle attacks in the UK per year, accounting for 4% of all violent crime.
  • 1.2 million incidents of alcohol related violence are recorded each year.
  • 40% of A&E admissions are alcohol related, rising to 70% between midnight and 5am Friday to Monday.
  • £1.7 billion in costs to the NHS alone.


In addition to the considerable health care costs of managing glass related injuries, over a quarter of victims of facial wounds experience serious post-traumatic stress reaction, requiring long-term follow up.

Glass is not just a convenient weapon.  A survey of bar workers indicated 40% had sustained accidental glass related injuries. One third needed A&E treatment.

Hull introduced polycarbonate glasses and saved £7.2 million in one year in eye surgery alone.

Individuals have stated that they feel much safer when entering establishments that are already using polycarbonate glasses and PET bottles.

Please sign the petition and join Pop-Campaign in asking Prime Minister, Theresa May to put an end to these needless and preventable attacks and make nights out safer for all.

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Thank you.