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Prime Minister: Charge Inspector Stuart.Lewis with Perjury

Spent eleven years in Prison for a crime I didnt do with my two Co-accused. We were known Collectively as The Cardiff Newsagent Three.

We want to send out a message that if Police officers Make up evidence and Innocent People go to Prison for crimes they did not do they will be held Accountable Under Article 13. The Right to have an Effective Remedy.

Letter to
Prime Minister
I am writing to you to exercise my concern over a number of Miscarriages of Justice which have occured in Wales.

A Police Officer by The name of Inspector Stuart Lewis has played a significant part in at least 6 cases where their is clear evidence that he has given false evidence at trial. His personal traits was making up confessions whilst The accused was being held in the police cells.

The cases are Anthony Yellen, David Kelleher,Welsh Conspiracy case x2 separate trials. David Kelleher and the Cardiff Newsagent Three Case.

In the Cardiff Newsagent three case Michael O'Brien, Ellis Sherwood and Darran Hall Spent eleven years and 43 days in prison before finally clearing there names.

Many media outlets like ITV and BBC have highlighted Inspector Lewis's false confessionsover a number of Years yet to date has escaped justice.

Recently new evidence was obtained and establish by two experts that Inspector Lewis did indeed Fabricate the confession in the Cardiff Newsagent Three case which hasnt yet been made public.

In the light of the overwhelming evidence against Inspector Lewis we request that a Judial Inquiry should be set up to look at this officers conduct with a view to bringing criminal charges against him.