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Change in the education system for a better future in India

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As we have progressed in to the 21st century, it is disheartening to say that our country still lags in the way education system is designed and being implemented. For example, in some cases the college syllabus tends to be outdated than the present upcoming due to which those who graduate from college tend to be termed as "unemployable", due to which the companies focus way too much on graduates with a college degree plus additional qualifications which might not be linked with the job or the position they're gonna get in the respective companies. This needs to stop as now-a-days people are much more focused on all round development rather than just focusing on one stream or curriculum. 

These are the points and changes that need to be done to make education far more efficient. They are as follows.

1. The first thing that should be done is to eliminate all the state education boards and create one national system( i mean only one), so that there is no hassle in the syllabus update system and everyone gets access to the latest information in the respective subjects available.

2. The second thing that needs to be done is, eliminate standardized testing. This strictly needs to be done as this is not wielding any good in India. To make students more efficient, they should be specially focused in small groups and increase the betterment of the student. As said by Fredrick .J .Kelley the inventor of modern standardized testing "these tests are too crude to be used and should be abandoned completely." Once upon a time, standardized testing was used as a means to only improve the efficiency or accuracy of student in his/her respective field. But now-a-days it is being used as a means to demean the intellect of students in many aspects. 

3. And the third and most important thing to be done is to provide educational security as many schools drop out students due to the lack of payment of fees due to financial reasons and many other moral reasons.

4.The fourth thing to be done is to eliminate college degrees as degrees are slowly becoming outdated and should come up with a new way of appreciating the students. For example in some countries of Europe, college degrees are non-existent as they focus on the intellect in the most practical manner possible. The students are given jobs and positions based on their intelligence in a particular field of study and not based by their scores.

5. The fifth thing to be done is shutdown schools which charge a hefty amount for a year as tuition fees immediately. This shutdown policy should also include schools which bribe their students and cost them their lives due to not performing well in their period of study.

6. The sixth thing that could be done is to place a maximum fee limit for schools as I pointed out some schools are charging heavily from students.

7. The seventh thing that should be done is to permanently eliminate faculty that show very rude behavior both physically and mentally, as this causes the student to commit suicide or die due to miscellaneous reasons.

8. The eighth thing that can be done is carry out continuous mental evaluations for faculty to improve their mindset towards students. 

9. The ninth thing that could be done is allow students to exemplify subjects of their choice from the course so that, the student has the freedom of studying which subject he/she wants to and must not be forced by a faculty to study.

10. The final thing that could be done is remove all the corrupt people in the education boards. This reduces significant damage to the system. Not only that, students must also be given a chance to design their own curriculum so that we can see how creative one can be.

These are the solutions that could be used to provide better education in India. The world is changing so fast that we Indians practically lag behind in our home country whereas Indian origin global citizens are way more advanced in intellect and intelligence than Indians in India. The reason to start this petition is nothing personal, but I want to see the people change their perspective on education and shove off that age old education system of ours(no offence meant). Please sign my petition and let the government know that we want a change in educational system so that we have a better future. 

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