Prime Minister Borissov, let Palfreeman go!

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Mr. Borissov,

As Prime Minister of Bulgaria you are in a position to end the unlawful detention of Australian Palfreeman by the Bulgarian government at the detention facility for foreigners in Busmanzi. The case, which resembles a state hostage or kidnapping of a foreigner, is in your hands now, after the Bulgarian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Minister of Foreign Affairs have refused to communicate and discuss the problem with Australian consular officials and the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Bulgarians abroad are outraged at the unlawful treatment of a foreign national in Bulgaria and see it as a gross violation of the rule of law and human rights standards. Media attention to the case is growing, in Bulgaria and abroad. EU human rights organizations are being alerted.  Amidst the situation, Bulgaria is receiving millions of Euros from the government of Norway and from EU funds exactly for the upholding of human rights in the areas of Internal Affairs, Justice, and Prisons.  

As Prime Minister, we plead for you to ensure the release of Palfreeman from detention in Busmanzi. Palfreeman is a free man, since the Sofia Court of Appeals granted him parole on September 19, 2019, after serving 11 years in prison over the death of Bulgarian Andrei Monov.