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Bill English: I’m bedridden and in constant pain, please stop denying me treatment

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I’ve been bedridden for the last two and a half years because the government is denying me funding for treatment I desperately need - just so they can save a few dollars. I need help to shower myself, to go to the toilet and have a basic level of dignity.

My ten-year-old daughter and teenage son are being robbed of their childhood and adolescence because I can't be the mum I want to be and enjoy activities with my family

I was born with a disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), which means I am more prone to injuries and recovery is harder. It’s been a huge challenge all my life.

I recently got a short round of hydrotherapy which finally gave me some freedom of movement and freedom from pain. It gave me hope getting this therapy on an ongoing basis would mean I could volunteer in my community and work as a criminologist again.  

But the treatment was pulled because my public hospital can’t afford to fund it. Government health funding hasn’t kept up with our ageing and growing population.

It's breaking my heart to know there is treatment that would make me better, but government cost-savings mean I can’t access it.

Without this treatment I WILL get worse. This shouldn’t happen in a country like NZ. It doesn’t have to be like this for me or anyone else in New Zealand with EDS.

If I lived in Australia or the UK, treatment would be available for  me. Why can’t Kiwis get the same? The Ministry of Health makes big promises about treating people with dignity and respect, but I feel they’ve really let us down.

I'm asking for Bill English to listen and care. Please sign my petition and ask the government to help me, and others like me, by funding the treatment we need.

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