Prime Minister Scott Morrison: ask for help with the fires!! The world is ready to help

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison.  Since fires in your country started back in September 2019, help has been offered and declined.  Perhaps you felt your citizens could deal with it.  

Your country, your citizens, the wildlife are in dire straights.   The whole world has been watching this unbelievable horror, feeling helpless, and steadily increasing in anger and frustration at the lack of assistance, only because it hasn’t been requested....from your government.  

We, who have signed, demand, on behalf of Australian citizens, that you allow our countries to go in with personnel, military and equipment to put out these raging fires.  

Canada has the worlds largest fleet of water bombers, sitting, when they could be deployed to Australia.  

Why are you letting Australia burn?!??  Why are your firefighters working with old equipment?!?  

How many more people have to die, lose their homes, pets and belongings??

How many more wildlife animals need to burn to death before you step up to the plate as a leader and call for help?!?!!

We, the undersigned, insist, demand, that you pick up the phone, and ask for the help that is ready and waiting!!  

if you cannot, then step aside and let someone else make the call.  
whatever the reason for your resistance to this plea, it is not good enough!!