Deny sex offenders of children and women parole or bring back the death penalty !

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Too many sex offenders are being released back into society and they are unable to be rehabilitated and offend again.  

Strict legislation around sex offenders to keep them locked away .

Personal story
I worked at the WA Police child abuse for 5 years as a police officer and then 2 years as a Detective at the Sexual assault squad .  90% of Supreme Court cases in that time revolved around sex offences . Out of all the offenders we arrested only a few got locked away but most were out within a few years . The effect of the sexual assault on their victims included eating discirders , self harm and suicide.  On a personal note , I was sexually assaulted at age of 12 and I kept silent until recently . The fear from women and children speaking out has got to end and harsher penalties must be envoked . There are too many horrible stories resulting in the death of a woman or child because of sexual assaults . Governments need to make judges accountable and keep offenders in prison for life. or in some clear cut cases bring back the death penalty .  The recent assault of a 7 year old by a known sex offender on parole is just one of the many examples !