Raise Jamaica's Minimum Wage to $12,000 weekly.

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The minimum wage of six thousand two hundred dollars ($6,200) per week is no longer acceptable.Six thousand two hundred dollars per week isn't enough to fit all workers and their families out of poverty. Most minimum wage workers aren't young teenagers; they're major breadwinners for their families, and many are women (who are single parents). And they and their families need a higher minimum.

A ($12,000) twelve thousand dollars per week minimum won't result in major losses because it would put money in the pockets of thousands of minimum-wage workers who will spend it - thereby giving working families and the overall economy a boost,and creating jobs.

Quick reasons why the minimum wage should be raised to $12,000 per week are:

 1. It will help Jamaicans make ends meet.

2. It will help to alleviate income inequality.

3. It won't stop Job Creation.

4. It would relieve people from relying on PATH.

5. It will save the government money.

6. It will promote economic security for Jamaicans 

7. It will help to reduce poverty.

8. It may benefit businesses.

9. It will reduce employee turnover.

10. It will help to improve the lives of children.