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Covid19  Economic Challenges

As the Global Pandemic takes its toll on all Nation of The World, we are making this appeal to our Heads Of States, Leaders of Caricom Nations urging them as in our case Jamaica to consider efforts to protect our nation's musicians, singers, songwriters, light & sound professionals who are already suffering from a loss of income in the wake of widespread cancellations and restrictions on public gatherings. It is our hope that any subsequent relief and stimulus package will include provisions that support our community in this time of need.

By-and-large, music makers are self-employed. We are freelancers and independent. We do not have the traditional employer safety net and protections at our disposal. Our income is largely dependent on our ability to produce, create, and share our talents. Unfortunately, that's not possible right now. Tours, music festivals, live performances are cancelled. Studios, clubs, and musical venues are shut down. We are out of work for the unforeseeable future. 

The music industry is a US $150 billion industry, employing millions of artists, songwriters, and producers. We provide more than just entertainment,we provide food, shelter, clothing, medication, all necessities for ourselves and our families. And, right now, we are at risk.

Artists don't live paycheck by paycheck, they live gig to gig. By not being able to go on tour or perform at a local venue, the average travelling artist is losing their main source of livelihoods in 2020 & it is a worsening situation with no end in sight. The North Coast Entertainment is threatened and not looking good as the Cruise Ships have all stop arriving and so is the flow of visitors who travel by Air.   

Citizens & Visitors rely on our music to get through tough times such as these. Now we must rely on Governments & Parliaments for the assistance to help us through these challenging months ahead. Please consider & ensure that the creative industries are included in COVID-19 relief / stimulus packages.

Our deepest gratitude to the Governments for all that you doing to ensue the Nations safely & survival of its Citizens at the same time, thanking you for the consideration the needed assistance.

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