Calling  on Andrew Holness and Peter Phillips for a 'Buggery Offences Act'.

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We the people of Jamaica strongly believe sex is between a man and a woman . We also strongly believe the Sexual Offences act is letting buggers getting off on light sentences.Because  sex is constitutional buggery ain't . Rapist gets  gets 15 years in prison according to the Sexual Offensive Act .While buggers get  a light sentence of 5 years .

In 2009  the parliament of Jamaica passed a legislation called the 'Sexual Offences act'.Every five years its reviewed .In December of 2016  a joint selection committee  chaired by justice minister Delroy Chuck was given the task of reviewing  and making recommendation to parliament. They have until next year to give us their recommendations. 

Recommendation to the 'Sexual Offences Act'  Joint Committee .

1 Repeal everything from this act that deals with the anus  in that act .

The Buggery Offences  Act 

Parliament must introduce and implement and a legislation call the  'Buggery Offences Act' . Sentences should be 15 years or more. 

We as a nation are letting down our little boys and girls who have been buggered by pedophiles .  We also as a nation are letting down our adult makes who have been buggered by a bugger . The clear message we are sending to these perpetrators is that they can choose their victim . 

The following persons should make up this committee: 

Justice minister-Delroy Chuck (chairman).

•Shadow Justice minister-Donna Scott Mortley (co-chair).

•Youth State Minister- Floyd Green. 

•Shadow Youth Minister- Damion Crawford. 

•Gender Affairs Minister-Olivia Grange. 

•Shadow Gender Affairs minister- Natalie Neita Headley.

•Foreign Affairs Minister -Kamina Johnson Smith.

•Shadow Foreign Affairs minister -Lisa Hanna.

•MP Marisa Dalrymple Philbert.

•MP Linval Bloomfield.

• Sen Kerensia Morrison. 

• Sen Sophia Frazer Binn.

We the people of Jamaica are calling upon Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Opposition leader Peter Phillips  to do the right thing.Do it for the sake of our children who are suffering because of buggery.