Special category status for Andhra Pradesh

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This click will help to bring a change to the lives of people of Andhra Pradesh, who are desperate for special status and this petition is initiated by Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam on behalf of 6 crore people of Andhra Pradesh.  When Andhra Pradesh was bifurcated in 2014, it sought special category status on the grounds that it was at a disadvantage position, since it would lose a significant amount of revenue as a result of Hyderabad going to Telangana, the new state that came into existence on June 2nd 2014.  Andhra Pradesh was promised special category status by the Congress Government which was at the centre during the state bifurcation.  The then Prime Minister in Rajya Sabha has stated that special category status would be extended to Andhra Pradesh for 5 years to help to put the state on a firm footing.  This was supported by BJP, who was in the opposition which also stated that it would extend it to five more years if it formed the Government.  However, BJP          government which came to power, made no move to give special category status to the state.  Precisely it appears that the BJP and their allies made electoral promise of giving special category status to Andhra Pradesh which they can’t keep and perhaps do not intent to keep.  And when people begin demanding that the promises are to be honoured, they resort to enacting the theatre of the absurd.  It is high time to Government of India which has to implement all the provisions contained in the state reorganization act and assurances made as fiscal measures that include tax incentives to promote industrialisation that increases employment and economic growth, financial support for new capital, special development package, release of balance grant to bridge revenue deficit.  The only life line right now available is special category status to Andhra Pradesh.  So every one of us must demand for special status.

Sign this petition asking the Prime Minister and his council of Ministers to provide special category status to Andhra Pradesh.

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