Withdraw Australia From The Paris Agreement

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The Australian Public, as a "Family", demands the public-paid servants of the "Family"....all Federal Ministers and Government Ministers and Prime Minister.....to IMMEDIATELY WITHDRAW FROM ANY AGREEMENTS AND COMMITMENTS AUSTRALIA HAS MADE VIZ "THE PARIS AGREEMENT".

The requirements and undertakings to which Australia is currently committed under the Paris Agreement, is the basis for the erosion of Australians' lifestyle, wages, and businesses. The Paris Agreement is severely affecting all aspects of Australians' lives and livelihood, because of stubborn insistence on not utilising our own natural resources (which we are increasingly exporting to the rest of the world) at the detriment of establishing more cost effective coal-fired "base power" establishments to reduce power costs for all Australians and Australian industries and to re-establish greater overseas investment in Australia as a result of lower power prices.

The perception exists that stubbornly complying to the Paris Agreement's requirements is entirely a "dream" of the current Prime Minister, and the rest of the Ministers are sycophantly supporting him.
If withdrawing from the Paris Agreements is a "loss of face"....then "suck it up" Prime Minister.
Have the guts to be a little like the leader and Statesman you are currently not.

Your people, your "FAMILY", come first. Saving face doesn't even slightly equate to looking after the interests of your "Family".

Australia can reconsider its efforts and contribution to so-called "climate change" on its own, without having to be directed by foreign nations.

This is the will of the Australian People and we demand the Government take the necessary steps to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. 

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