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Reasons of global warming.

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Hello, I am 20 year old student. I wanted to say that am really worried about the factors that are responsible for Environmental problems like Global warming and air pollution. Some factors that I have recognized by survey of my nearby areas are- burning of dry leaves or garbage on daily basis, smog from cooking coming out of Jhuggis, from factories, and traffic. The problems led by global warming or air pollution are not unknown anymore. But the problem is that people are not aware and they even don't know green house effect under which some gases found in smog heats up earth. India has signed the Paris agreement, but efforts can't be seen, efforts that may show care. I daily find and notice these things when i travel and it really hurts me inside that we humans are exploiting Earth, that we often regard as Mother. I have simply tried myself by denying people from burning leaves and recalling people that their vehicle is releasing enough smog but it is to no avail. So,  I decided to write this petition. 

I hope the government may take some measurable steps to change the habit of the people. 



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