Allow MP LAD fund to be used for Saving Lives on Roads . #MPLAD4RoadSafety

Allow MP LAD fund to be used for Saving Lives on Roads . #MPLAD4RoadSafety

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Hon'ble Prime Minister of India 

Every year cities like Rishikesh, Port Blair, Panaji, Darjiiling, Churu, Greater Noida are vanishing if we talk about the numbers of people dying in the road crashes i.e. 1,47,913 in 2017 as per official data of Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways 
Every Member of Parliament would be more interested in saving lives in his/her constituency directly with the Road Safety Measures that could reduce not only the rate of fatalities but also the rate of severity of injuries. 
The Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme MPLADS which was introduced on 23rd December 1993 empowered an MP to spend Rupees 5 crores per year in his/her constituency  .
The objective of the scheme is to enable MPs to recommend works of developmental nature with emphasis on the creation of durable community assets based on the locally felt needs to be taken up in their Constituencies. Right from inception of the Scheme, durable assets of national priorities viz. drinking water, primary education, public health, sanitation and roads, etc. are being created.

Sir ,Fortunately MPLAD is already allowing MPs to use fund for Ambulances and installing CCTV cameras in the city .To Enhance this fortune we request that an MP should be allowed to use MPLAD fund for the following road safety measures,
1. Eradicating the Black Spots in his/her constituency .
2. Establishing Safe School Zones with low budget road infrastructural Improvements and traffic calming .
3. Establishing Post Crash Care Guidance and Counseling centers in each district headquarter to assist crash victims and their beavered families in compensations,justice and rehabilitation.
4. Facilitating Pedestrian Crossings and Slow Down measures.

Sir, with the permission of using MPLAD in the above said areas a team of 788 MPs knowing the ground realities and threats would be working for saving lives in their respective constituencies .
This would be a result oriented drive with effective monitoring  and evaluation .
We do Hope you would consider our request on priority and take the initiative personally .

With Regards, 
Harpreet Singh Dhunna - Avoid Accident
Prerna Arora Singh - People's Trust 
Vinod Kanumala - Indian Federation of Road Safety
Ravee S Ahluwalia - Patiala Foundation 
Ashutosh Soti - Shubham Soti Foundation