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A while ago Primark introduced padded bras for children as young as 7years. No child of that age needs a bra let alone padded! It made me very angry but as time went on I started noticing lacey.. yeslaced & laced patterned hot pants and padded bikinis! 7 year old children need only a vest and pants under their clothes.

Padded bras and laced hot pants are for women and are 'sexy' the idea of a padded bra is to emphasize a womens assets. Would you want your child to appear as though they had breasts? This is in my opinion immoral and frankly disgusting! I am 100% against this. They make our children appear older than they are and this will attract the wrong attention.

Children should be CHILDREN and not feel as though they need a padded bra. Its potentially giving young girls a complex. I want to get these disgraceful things of their shelves and never to return. It may be personal choice to purchase such things for your child/ren but in my opinion there should never have been a choice. Please sign the petition to get padded bras, bikinis and 'sexy' underwear for children out of such a well known shop and out of our high street! For the future of our children! Thankyou :)

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