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Control the use of Liquor

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First of all I wish all Happy Independence Day. So we are celebrating our independence day and on this precious occasion of peace if we think a little about our real Independence and the benefits from it then I say it’s totally zero, a big zero. We feel proud because we have given 0 to the world. But in real life we stopped in that zero.

We all know that the things going in our locality is totally unfair and unacceptable. We people used to support the things that take our path to destruction.

There are lots of issues with our system and our people but today I have awareness topic over "Control the use of Liquor".

Liquor is such a thing that doesn’t have a proper definition. Its defined based on situation and type of people. Anyway I don't want to discuss its demerits and how it affects our civilized society, because everyone is known about this. So as our govt. have previously permitted this as a legal business its pretty hard to permanently shut this up. So the only option is to control its use.

So now the question arises that can this really get controlled after all we can say 70 percent of our population are alcoholic in nature. Yes it can be. If our govt. limits the monthly use of liquor for each individual then it can be done.

Here my suggestion:
Govt. need to pass a law that "Adhar Card" is mandatory for purchase of liquor. An individual can purchase a limited quantity of liquor in a weekly basis and individual need to punch on the Adhar punch machine that should linked to a online database portal through a app. From this the main benefit is we would have a proper list of alcoholic person throughout the country and also we can control their heavy doses. And now for teenagers who really unaware of that they are spoiling themselves. Liquor should not be sold to a person with less than 25 year. This is not a perfect solution. The final step should be a "monthly liquor uses report" sends to each individual address present on their Adhar Card. What this do is the teenagers who tricking their parents and family will get controlled in some percent at least.

One more thing there should be strict law and punishment for breaching this method.

Really, think a while if this happens we can have a good control over liquor consumption by our people and somehow I am thinking that it can save their life from get spoiled.

Happy Independence Day.
Jay Hind.....

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