Antisemitism at Pride Winnipeg

Antisemitism at Pride Winnipeg

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Paulo Dos Santos started this petition to Pride Winnipeg and

Over the past three years Pride Winnipeg has consistently refused to address the Antisemitism in the Winnipeg LGBTQ community. Instead, those individuals who engage in Antisemitism are given preferential treatment and chosen to be representatives of our community. 

The Antisemitism that occurs in the Winnipeg community includes, but is not limited to: 

1. Online boycotts of Jewish lead events and organizations simply for the fact that they represent LGBTQ Jews. 

2. Calls for community events run to be cancelled simply because the organizers of the event are Jewish 

3. Public statements claiming that Jews steal other people's culture. That it's impossible for a Jew to be both Jewish and Hispanic, therefore a Jewish person is not "allowed" to be involved in an event celebrating the Latinx LGBTQ community. 

4. Public statements claiming that LGBTQ Jews hold certain political views by virtue of simply being Jewish. Calls for events and boycotts of events hosted by Jewish individuals because of their perceived association with the Israeli Government. 

5. Public statements and boycotts against Israeli LGBTQ individuals, calling them racist, Zionists (in a derogatory way). Claims that Israeli/Jewish LGBTQ individuals and organizations engage in criminal activity, have ulterior motives, and use funds from the LGBTQ community to help fund the Israeli government.

6. Public statements and boycotts against Israeli and Jewish LGBTQ individuals and organizations claiming that they engage in Pinkwashing (claims that the Israeli government exploits Israel's LGBT-friendliness to promote perceptions of Israel as a modern democracy, a secure place for investment, and a sunny tourist destination as a means of distracting from the Israel vs Palestine situation) 

7. Public statements and boycotts against Israeli and Jewish LGBTQ individuals and organizations claiming that they are funded by the Israeli government 

8. Public statements questioning Israel's right to exist. These statements are then sent to LGBTQ Jewish individuals as a means of shaming and intimidating them from being overtly Jewish in the LGBTQ community

9. Demands that all Jewish symbols be removed from LGBTQ events.

10. Claims that Jewish LGBTQ individuals are engaged in proselytism and that they pose a danger to the LGBTQ community as a whole. 

11. Sharing of inaccurate information about Judaism, Jews, and Israel in public forums. 

12. Online harassment of LGBTQ Jews, including, but not limited to: Calling them murderers, accusing them directly of harming Palestinians, claiming that the state of Israel and Zionism are racist endeavours, super imposing swastikas over top of photos of LGBTQ Jewish individuals. 

13. Calls to erase Jewish events or events organized by Jewish individuals. These calls are not veiled, but are instead very blatantly and unapologetically Antisemitic. 

14. "Bombing" Jewish online events to shout profanities against performers (both Jewish and non-Jewish), utter threats, display swastikas, and in one instance sharing a video calling for the removal of all Jews from Canada, ending with an individual armed with a gun - walking into a place of worship and killing individuals inside. The video was graphic and showed the gunman walking over dead bodies. The matter was reported to the Winnipeg Police, who did nothing to investigate the matter. 

Pride Winnipeg is aware of these activities, as is Club 200, a club where the majority of these individuals operate out of. The owner of the club is subject to an ongoing Human Rights Complaint, as is Pride Winnipeg.

Several Jewish individuals have reached out to Pride Winnipeg only to be ignored. Rather than deal with Antisemitism, Pride Winnipeg has instead chosen to punish LGBTQ Jews by denying them any representation or access to funding. Pride Winnipeg has sent threats to individuals who have simply asked Pride Winnipeg to take this matter seriously. To date, Pride Winnipeg has denied any representation to all Jewish individuals who have signed up to participate in the 2021 Pride Winnipeg events, as well as any funding for the Pride Resurgence Grant. Pride Winnipeg has repeatedly been asked to make a public statement denouncing Antisemitism and to remove any individuals who engage in Antisemitism publicly from community events. Pride Winnipeg will not even acknowledge these requests. 

This petition is not endorsed by any organization and has been submitted by a private individual in the LGBTQ community who has experienced a great deal of Antisemitism since moving to Winnipeg. The excuse of not liking a certain person or group simply doesn't wash when all LGBTQ Jews are experiencing this hostility. Additionally, there is never a valid excuse to engage in Antisemitism - PERIOD. 

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