Pride Glasgow for the community - stop the mismanagement and mistreatment

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Dear Pride Glasgow trustees;

As you will no doubt be aware, there has been significant concern within the LGBT community in Glasgow about the recent safety and service failings of the Pride Glasgow festival which took place in Kelvingrove Park. Estimates from social media posting put the number of ticketholders stranded outside in unsafe conditions in the hundreds, almost all of whom are still awaiting refunds.

You may also be aware that a growing number of individuals who have served Pride Glasgow over the years in various voluntary roles have begun publicly expressing concerns about governance and whether Pride Glasgow still meets the charity test and is being run in the true interests of the LGBT community. Social media postings show former volunteers and talent saying they have refused to give up their time because of the way they have been mistreated or abused by Pride Glasgow’s management, and this is a serious risk to the sustainability of the charity.

There has been significant media interest in the failings of this year’s festival, at least twenty mainstream media articles have been published. The media have also reiterated the community’s concerns about the charity’s governance.

You will also be aware of the increasing concern of OSCR about the charity’s future after reports of mismanagement and abuse of public funds. Further, the petition for the CEO to step down already has over 1500 signatures from our community.

Solicitors are already involved in preparing small claims actions against Pride Glasgow.

The above concerns are badly damaging the reputation of a vital part of Glasgow’s LGBT community, and assertive and immediate action must be taken to ensure the future viability of the charity. Sponsors are already asking difficult questions and this will only continue.

We call upon the trustees of Pride Glasgow, as part of their stated commitment to become a transparent organization, to do the following:

  • Confirm publicly that all ticketholders who were denied entry will have their tickets refunded and reasonable costs reimbursed within 30 days of the event
  • Publish the charity's accounts and annual returns since inception
  • Clarify why the charity routinely breaches its legal obligations in terms of punctuality for these key documents
  • Publish the charity's constitution
  • Publish the charity's register of trustees including the date each assumed their legal duties as trustee
  • Give an overview of the composition of the board, explain when elections or appointments have taken place over the years, and provide the most recent board skill gap analysis
  • Explain the relationship between Pride Glasgow and its other legal entities and the purpose of these relationships:
  • - Pride Glasgow Ltd         SC262348
  • - Pride Glasgow (Events) Ltd        SC454093
  • - Pride Glasgow SCIO       SC043083
  • - Pride Glasgow (Festival)             SC523452
  • - Pride Glasgow (Pride Life Project)         SC558264
  • Explain the circumstances behind two of the four companies bearing Pride Glasgow’s name being struck off in enforcement action taken by Companies House.
  • Confirm which entity sold the tickets for each Pride festival since 2014
  • Publish the ticket sales figures vs legal capacity since the event became paid in 2014
  • To clarify which roles within the organization are paid and voluntary roles, and give a salary bracket for each role.
  • To take heed of the petition signed by over 1500 members of our community explaining the need for a change of personnel in the CEO position, and action this accordingly. The CEO is appointed by, reports to, and can be dismissed by, the board.
  • To consider also the petition against the Deputy CEO.

  • Publish the minutes of all board meetings in the last two years, with attendance data

  • Considering the collective legal responsibility of the board for the actions of the CEO and Deputy CEO and the charity’s management as a whole, consider whether the board’s membership are still fit and proper guardians of the public trust, or whether others might be better placed. There are numerous dedicated individuals throughout the community who have previously given their time to the charity, and will gladly do so again if their concerns are addressed.

We, the undersigned, sincerely hope you take action to save Pride Glasgow and make it the amazing and safe part of the community we know it can be. We are happy to help and look forward to your response; you can reply through or provide an open reply on your social media.

Note: for background material, links to the other petitions and further context, visit this page which we will update regularly