Pride 2019: Free From Single Use Plastics

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Dear Pride Organisers,

Thank you for organizing a successful, colourful celebration of Pride that was enjoyed by hundreds of thousands and brought far more than hundreds of thousands of Pounds to Brighton! However the environmental impact of such festivals needs to be taken seriously as it of grave harm to our seas and is an unsightly inconvenience on our streets. We value our sea for its environmental significance, the abundance of life in supports, the joy it gives us and the money it generates in our tourism industry. Beaches covered in plastic are a negative on all fronts. We, the people of Brighton, sincerely ask you to take your responsibility as organizers seriously and to significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by this annual festival.

There are many ways this could be achieved such as:

  • st james street party bars must only use compostable plastic cups
  • more temporary bins should be placed throughout the city and beach
  • the use of plastic free, eco-friendly glitter, decorations and flags should be encouraged 
  • general publicity encouraging festival tourists to exercise respect for the city they are in needs to be increased.

Lets have Pride in our cities and coasts as well as our citizens!