Allow support people at prenatal ultrasound at Penticton Regional Hospital

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Pregnancy can be at times joyful and at times stressful or scary. Ultrasound is a routine procedure undertaken during most pregnancies in BC and many expecting parents wish to have their partner or support person with them throughout their ultrasound examination, whether it is a joyful or stressful occasion. Currently PRH ultrasound department does not allow this, only letting the partner in at the very end of the exam.

It is routine for the partner to attend the baby’s birth whether it is vaginal or by cesarean section, and both situations can require complex care by care providers. Prenatal ultrasound should also be an experience during which the partner (often the other parent) is able to be a continuous presence.  

Many women say they would find their partner or support person’s presence reassuring in the case that something is wrong, and would like to share the experience if things are normal. They also understand that neither they nor their partner should be distracting or disruptive to the technician during the investigative portion of the scan. 

Support persons routinely attend pregnancy ultrasounds in other places, including Quebec and New Zealand, and at some ultrasound clinics here in BC. We ask that it becomes a routine for pregnancy ultrasound in Penticton.