Prevention through education, for reduction of childhood sexual abuse & domestic violence

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For the babies and children, and future children 1 in 3 Females 1 in 6 Males suffer at the hands of abuse/sexual/physical/emotional it doesn’t have to be this way – together we can make the change that is so needed NOW! please copy this link, as an example of what we need to accomplish 

As advocates for childhood sexual abuse survivors, and children currently suffering from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse/physical abuse and emotional abuse, it is our job as a united society to stand together and fight to bring down the numbers and prevent childhood abuse.


The numbers are staggering, 1 in 3 females, 1 in 6 males!!! This IS an EPIDEMIC, seen throughout the world, not just in this country.


Surely we don’t want this for our children, our nieces/nephews, our grand children? Cause seriously even those of you that don’t think you know someone, you all know someone that has been touched at the hands of rape, childhood sexual abuse, even in infancy!! Some of the true accounts that I have experienced from survivors I cannot even repeat they are so horrific!!


If you could imagine THE WORST HORROR FILM EVER, you have seen and then quadruple that horror and more, this is a minute part of what these young babies and children are going through.


THIS HAS TO STOP. Can you imagine your child being tortured like this ?


We have to create an educational culture, where even before the children are born, parents are made aware of the dangers, by information in parent packs to mothers and fathers before their pregnancy has hit full term.


We have to educate new mothers and fathers on the dangers also, and the steps we can take to prevent the abuse in the first place!


We also have to have educational books, that teach our children how to defend themselves, in the horrific event that this happens, I have done it with my own toddler, IT WORKS!!


We as a society, also have to teach the rights and wrongs in our schools, good parenting works, but as we ALL know, not ALL of us have GOOD PARENTS!! We have to educate from an early age, right through the school system, grade schools, middle schools, high schools, college, university. We have to teach our children how to treat one another, what not to do, and what to do in relationships. We have to teach them how to recognize the signs, how to not put themselves in vulnerable situations, and most utmost how to LOVE AND RESPECT one another.


There is another way, THE RIGHT WAY! We want to work together as advocates, to write to all the education ministers, not just in our own countries, but also throughout the globe. THIS IS A GLOBAL PROBLEM, it affects ALL of us!


I have lived in many countries throughout the world, and every country I have been to – I have heard such disgusting news stories, or rape on babies, on toddlers, on young men, women and children, gang rapes .... One incident I recall caused a whole country to revolt on the radio of a baby that was abused by a 15 year old child, who was high on drugs, who raped a baby younger than 10 months old, IMAGINE THIS, its revolting, its disgusting, its soul destroying, this IS happening way too often!! WE CANNOT PRETEND THIS IS NOT HAPPENING ANY LONGER, we HAVE to DO SOMETHING!


This is not about our story; this is about our children’s story, our future children, and the childhood survivors that are currently struggling, due to the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.


Please sign this petition; we want to do something NOW!




Thank you for your time, because right now, someone you may know is suffering at the hands of childhood sexual abuse. IT’S NOT OKAY; please don’t ignore the inhumanity that is going on all around us.


THANK YOU for your help in a huge step to change. STOP CHILD ABUSE