Save Innocent Lives: Prevention Against Honor Killings

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Fundamental human rights are being ignored and lives are being taken around the world in so called honor. It is estimated that 5,000 females a year are being murdered in honor killings according to the UN. Honor killings occur primarily in the Middle East but there have been cases in Canada and the USA.

These types of crimes are usually committed by a family member who believes the victim has dishonored the family and the only way to restore their honor is murder. These girls and women are seen as property of male relatives and expected to follow their every command.

Young 18 year old Saba and 21 year old Qaiser were from different financial status' but against their family wishes, got married. Hours after their union Saba's father and uncle picked her up, drove to a riverside, beat and shot her, then left her to die for bringing dishonor on the family. Saba miraculously survived and told her story through the documentary, A Girl in the River:The price of Forgiveness. Saba survived but thousands are not so lucky. 

There needs to be more laws against honor crimes with severe punishments. The only way that can happen is if we hold the government accountable for letting these heinous crimes go unpunished. 

We need to raise awareness of this injustice. We need to speak up for the innocent. We need to hold these murders accountable. We need to give these women hope.

There is no honor in killing!