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Prevent Conderate Statues removal

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There is a petition to take down the confederate statue in Pensacola. This is absolutely unacceptable. These monuments have stood for years, and have never been a problem. They are a part of history that should not be forgotten. The confederate soldiers were Americans, and should be honored. The history makes this country what it is today. How states were fighting for their rights, and against tariffs. 

History can not be changed, nor should it be repeated. We need this reminder. Instead of people looking at is as hate, it should be recognized as an trophy to what our ancestors overcame. Just because some people have a bad opinion of these statues, doesnt mean the whole community does. This happened in the past, not the world we live in now. Leave them where they are, so we dont have to go to a museum to see them. Please share. 

If we take down everything in this country that is offensive to someone, there would be nothing left.

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