Preventing Domestic Violence in Malaysia Through Abuser Rehabilitation Programs

Preventing Domestic Violence in Malaysia Through Abuser Rehabilitation Programs

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Moms Village Asia started this petition to Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development

Petition to the Ministry of women , children and community Development Malaysia to Provide Abuser Intervention Programme to reduce the incidence of Domestic Violence | #RingARing4Roses by Moms Village Venture

While we offered The first responders Intervention to support survivors rebuild their life while they are still in abusive relationship,  one puzzle remains unsolved and held closely by the survivor - The Abuser . No matter what the intervention is, the Abuser is somehow in the loophole and often can't be sidelined.

While we empower survivors to be socioeconomically sustainable, who is preparing the batterers to deal with the change OR as a survivor is removed from the abusive relationship? 

With governments across the world enacting lockdown measures to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, there have been many unintended consequences. Among them is the alarming increase in reports of domestic violence (DV) and intimate partner violence (IPV) observed in countries worldwide.

In early April 2020, Talian Kasih (the national crisis hotline set up to respond to members of the public facing social issues) reported a 57 percent increase in calls since the beginning of the MCO, most of which were said to be related to aid enquiries. The government   made several public service announcements (PSAs) to spread awareness about the hotline; as a result, the number of domestic violence related calls began to increase, showing that increased awareness encouraged women to step forward and report their situations. While this amount only those who came forward to report, there are many more cases kept in silence due to many reason. 

Among reasons survivors do not seek help or make a report :

  • They love their spouse (The Abuser)
  • They are afraid of the family economical sustainability if the batterer is arrested, especially in a single incomed homes. 
  • What if he hurts me more or kills me? 
  • Societal stigma.
  • Children and Shelter 

Because they don't make a report, we do not have an opportunity to provide safe space for the survivors and make relevant resources, intervention and policies available to protect them. Hence we would like to call out for Abuser intervention programme that would help create a safer home for all to thrive.

People who are abused or witness repeated domestic violence as a child are 80% more likely to become abusers themselves later in life . Domestic violence is often a learned behavior that doesn’t stop when the victim is removed . The abuser is likely to abuse the next person as well. An understanding of the causes of abuse is needed in order to provide possible solutions. In contrast, some believe that the victim needs the help because they are the ones being harmed. While this is true, the victim isn’t the only one who needs help. The violence must stop altogether. In order to do this, both sides of domestic violence need attention, not just the victim. If only the victim gets help, the abuser will most likely abuse the next person and the cycle of abuse continues. 

Why a batterer intervention would help?

1) It would enable more survivors to seek help and report with hope that the batterer would be offered rehab .Most survivors wants to save the family they built with much hope. This also means we can gather data and push for policies. 

2) While we empower survivors , there might be restoration of power and batterer might feel the need to suppress survivor more . An intervention may help them to cope with this , also so that it doesn't lead to mental health problems due to their inability to cope with such situations. 

3) While we remove one survivor from the abusive relationship, the batterer may continue his power of control onto other victims he is in relationship with later on. This is a repetitive cycle that needs to be stopped and healed . Healing for generations. We don't want to replace a survivor with another victim. 

4) Have a batterer's database that enables a due diligence access before marriage .

5) Stricter monitoring for repeated offenders after rehabilitation . 

6) Make premarital course that incorporates Gender Education, Shared Household Responsibility , Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills especially in families with history of abuse. 

Everyone has the capacity to change, but doing so requires meaningful commitment to all aspects of change. Unfortunately, most people with abusive behaviors are unwilling to. Many of the factors behind abusive behaviors are learned attitudes and feelings of entitlement, which can be difficult to unlearn. Everyone deserves a healthy relationship free from abuse, including someone that may have abusive behaviors. Batterer intervention would benefit a survivor more than the batterer . 

Its about time.

Moms Village Asia (#RingARing4Roses)


0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!