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Aug 3, 2012 — Military suicides
Repeat combat deployments hurt
First Published Jul 25 2012 04:50 pm • Last Updated Jul 26 2012 11:40 am
Everyone has heard stories about how repeated deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan have taken a terrible psychological toll on U.S. soldiers, often resulting in suicide. Now a study by University of Utah researchers has brought scientific rigor to the anecdotes. The message is clear: Exposing a small, all-volunteer force to repeated combat tours over many years is inhumane, and the soldiers who have been thrust into combat should be identified immediately by the military for specific psychological treatment.

More broadly, the study raises again the moral question of whether the nation can, in good conscience, place its military burdens on the shoulders of relatively few volunteers while the rest of the population remains untouched and unconcerned by the nation’s wars. The answer to that question has been obvious for some time. Such a policy encourages military adven