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Fight the Trademarking of Santa Muerte and Her Prayers!

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It's been brought to the attention of the spiritual community and devotees of Santa Muerte that Sancista Jennifer Medway of Serpentine Spiritual Arts and her life partner Sancista Leah Lightspring appear to be stating or have/and or are attempting to trademark the spiritual prayer and incantation directly said to and for Santa Muerte. It is alleged they are attempting to trademark common-use terms such as "Protected by La Santa Muerte", "Protected by Santa Muerte". These words belong and have belonged to ALL people since time out of mind.

In addition they seemingly stated they are or have trademarked art statues (it is unclear if they are trademarking the term “Santa Muerte Statue[s]’ or trying to copyright the imagery). [Further, Mitecacihuatl is an indigenous deity known to devotees of Santa Muerte.]

Santa Muerte is rooted in the Native people of Mexico and the areas of the Americas long before the borders existed. To trademark is to exclude and is a form of colonization. No one person, person(s) or business should have the sole opportunity to financially benefit from deities/gods/goddesses or spiritual terms. They belong to all and especially to those of whom have lineages and traditions linked to them. 

Our Request is this:

WE want ALL applications for trademark that have been submitted as of July 31st, 2020 to the United States Patent and Trademark office to be WITHDRAWN. These words and prayers cannot be owned. We believe spirituality should not be trademarked. To copyright art, custom font style or apparel design is not an issue. We are specifically making this request with regards to trademarking the terms so that no one else can use it. 

We still remain hopeful for peaceful resolution for all involved and ask that community be mindful of what Santa Muerte represents and remember that She loves all of Her children. We ask that community remain peaceful without engaging or participating in acts of negativity- including threats. 

This cause and our intentions are Protected by La Santa Muerte in all of her forms and aspects. 

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