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Prevent the Repeal of the Death Penalty in Connecticut.

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In the coming DAYS, the Connecticut Senate and House of Representatives will vote on Senate Bill 1035, which calls for the repeal of the Death Penalty in Connecticut.  Governor Dannel P. Malloy has promised to sign this bill if it makes it to his desk.

SB 1035 is a gift to rapist and murderer, Steven Hayes; a slap in the face to Dr. William Petit and other surviving victims of homicide; and a bait & switch on Connecticut residents.

The well-funded, highly-organized special interests behind Senate Bill 1035 want you to believe it won’t affect current death-row inmates, including Steven Hayes -- the murderer of Jennifer, Hayley and Michaela Petit.  This simply isn’t true. 

At a recent hearing before the Judiciary Committee, Chief State’s Attorney, Kevin Kane, and Chief Public Defender, Susan O. Storey, testified that if the death penalty were to be abolished, it would be very unlikely that the sentences of those currently on death row would ever be carried out -- including that of Steven Hayes.

By providing murderers with compelling grounds for appeal, SB 1035 would empower Steven Hayes to continue to torment Dr. Petit from behind bars -- forcing him to battle an endless stream of appeals for decades to come.

Further, SB 1035 willfully ignores the voice of the Connecticut people who favor the death penalty for the worst of the worst.  A recent Quinnipiac survey revealed:

  • 67% of Connecticut respondents approve of the Death Penalty. 
  • 73% think that giving the death penalty to people convicted of murder depends upon the circumstances of the case. 
  • 74% support the death penalty for Steven Hayes.

As Democratic State Representative, Steve Mikutel, noted in his testimony before the Connecticut Legislative committee, “SB 1035 subverts the will of the people.”

Demand that politicians listen to the voices of their constituents over those of special interests. 

To supporters of repeal – please hold out for an honest bill that doesn’t enslave living victims of homicide to the appeals process, as SB 1035 does.  We all benefit from transparency in legislation.

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