End all Child Abduction/Trafficking through Family Court and Child Protective Services.

End all Child Abduction/Trafficking through Family Court and Child Protective Services.

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Help enact Hunter’s Law: the effective legal remedy for all forms of child abduction through public corruption in family court and/or child protective services.  Hunter’s Law is named after a 3-year-old boy who was kidnapped from Vancouver, Canada to California USA on July 1st, 2015 by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Tamara Hall, who acted in complete absence of authority and kidnapped Hunter under color of law, in violation of Title 18 Sections 242 and 1201. Hunter’s exact whereabouts are STILL unknown.

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Ninety five percent of kidnappings are committed by parents or other relatives, their supporters that aid and abet the kidnapper, and often include the involvement of corrupt public officials in the family courts, child protective services and law enforcement agencies around the world, who take marching orders and/or bribes from these wealthy narcissistic/psychopathic abusers. 

There is currently nothing a "left behind parent" can do to PREVENT their child from being kidnapped, and even less that can be done to secure the PROMPT return of a kidnapped child. 

This is why we need to enact “Hunter’s Law” to Help Us Navigate Their Emergency Return. 

Hunter's Law requires an effective interface between victims of child abduction and federal law enforcement who have the authority to investigate and prosecute public corruption, criminal harassment, fraud and kidnapping cases.

All suspected kidnapping/missing children cases must be entered into FEDERAL missing children databases,  reported to appropriate federal crime victim advocacy organizations, thoroughly investigated by federal law enforcement and these investigations must be overseen by non-government organizations to ensure translate public accountability. 

All reports of suspected kidnappings by any and all concerned citizens must be thoroughly investigated by specially trained federal law enforcement, regardless of alleged custody orders or restraining orders against a "left behind parent" of a missing child. 

Hunter's Law requires 100% compliance with the international treaty of The Hague Convention on (the Civil Aspects of) International Child Abduction, with a few important changes that would take effect immediately.

Hunter’s Law requires administrative authorities of the requested state to order the immediate return of kidnapped children to their habitual residence and zero tolerance for public corruption and delays beyond 24 hours.

The current six week time limit for the return of an internationally abducted child, that was put in place before the internet, computers and modern technology is outdated and has NEVER been enforced. It provides the legal framework that enables abductors to kidnap children across international borders and renders left behind parents powerless to rescue their children.

The horrendous outdated kidnapper-friendly policy of granting immunity to abductors and allowing foreign courts a wide array of corrupt practices to facilitate the kidnapping of children will be replaced with a mandatory immediate 24 hour or less return policy, and will prompt “International Amber Alerts”. 

The words “the Civil Aspects of” will be stricken from the International Treaty. There are no “Civil Aspects” of child abduction, just as there are no “civil aspects”  of rape, murder, or child abuse. The “Civil Aspects” of International child abduction has been facilitating child and spousal abuse through the family court system for over 35 years. The horribly flawed international treaty has been sanctioning international profiteering from human trafficking and domestic violence and this will finally stop. 

The new changes to the international treaty pursuant to Hunter’s law will finally close the loopholes. The Treaty will no longer be vulnerable to the vile corruption in family courts around the world. It will no longer provide the legal framework for a federally funded international kidnapping, and foreign corruption racket. 

Hunter’s Law would now secure the prompt return of kidnapped children and recognize  that International child abduction is a violent crime and will require that criminal charges be laid against the taking parent and everyone suspected of aiding and abetting the kidnapping,  including public officials, attorneys, law enforcement and judges acting under color of law.

Hunter’s Law requires immediate interim custody orders be granted IN FEDERAL COURT to the left behind parent, so that their rights of custody and victims rights are protected IN FEDERAL COURT at the habitual residence of their child.  

Hunter's Law requires international arrest warrants for the kidnappers IN FEDERAL COURT, and immediate extradition to the habitual residence where they would go to jail pending their criminal case in FEDERAL COURT. 

Hunter’s Law requires immediate pick up warrants for the children IN FEDERAL COURT which are enforceable around the world by Interpol. 

Hunter's Law requires that any attempt by anyone to commit fraud on the court/perjury to maliciously deprive a lawful custodian of their rights of custody and access is punishable to the fullest extent of federal and international law. 

Hunter's Law gives considerable leniency to those willing to cooperate with the return of  kidnapped children to their habitual residence with the understanding that custody matters would continue in FEDERAL COURT in the habitual residence of the child. The habitual residence is determined by federal law-enforcement after conducting a thorough investigation. Any alleged defenses against the return are thoroughly investigated and anyone who commits fraud or perjury including attorneys, judges, and public officials and anyone attempting to obstruct justice or maliciously deprive a lawful custodian of their rights of custody and access to their children are punished according to the law IN FEDERAL COURT. 

Hunter's Law guarantees 100% protection to victims of domestic violence and those fleeing to protect their children from child abuse. It would provide proper support services and legal protection from their abuser(s) in their habitual residence. All allegations of abuse will be thoroughly investigated by federal law enforcement and all proper precautions taken to ensure the safety of alleged victims during the criminal investigation. 

Please join my Hunter's Law facebook page and visit www.hunterslaw.org and share your stories so that we left behind parents can support each other to recover our kidnapped children. 

Thank you for supporting Hunter's Law! Please care and share! 



0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!