Prevent American Hate-Pastor Steven Anderson from Preaching in Ireland

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Pastor Steven Anderson, an American hate-preacher, is scheduled to preach in Dublin, Ireland, on May 26, 2019. This pastor has been infamous in the United States since 2009, with the following being a list of hate-comments he has made on social media platforms: 

- In 2009, Anderson tells his congregation that he prays nightly for the death of then-president Barack Obama

- December 2014: Steven Anderson proposes the extermination of LGBT+ people to "cure AIDS". 

- June 2015: Anderson publicly states that he wants Caitlyn Jenner to die because of her sex change.

- June 2016: 49 people are killed at an LGBT-friendly bar in Orlando, Florida. Steven Anderson uploads a video telling his audience why the 49 people "deserved to die in the shooting". 

Anderson has also spoken to crowds on his opinion of women's rights, believing that "women are to remain in the home". He is also heavily against abortion rights

In conclusion, Steven Anderson is a Holocaust-denier, Islamophobe and anti-LGBT+ extremist who is scheduled to preach in Dublin, Ireland on May 26, 2019, possibly in an attempt to get people to change their minds on last year's abortion referendum. This petition is for the people to show that they want Pastor Steven Anderson banned from entering the Republic of Ireland.

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