Prevent American Hate-Pastor Steven Anderson from Preaching in Ireland

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We did it! Pastor Anderson has been banned from Ireland by Charles Flanagan, Minister of Justice. He is also not welcome in any European country in the Schengen Area or the United Kingdom. I would like to thank all 14,000+ signers for taking a stand. All of you deserve a round of applause for your role in persuading the Irish government to take action! Despite all that’s been said so far, Anderson isn’t alone, and he has an army called “The New IFB,” an alt-right homophobic group who denies the Holocaust. Anderson will send a replacement preacher on his European tour, but this is okay because whoever it is (whether it be Ben The Baptist, Jonathan Shelley, Roger Jimenez or someone else) has nowhere the amount of power. We need to call out “The New IFB” for what they are, a terrorist organization (not for committing acts, but for condoning and celebrating acts of terror against the LBGT such as the Orlando Shooting in 2016). Anderson’s replacement preacher and their accompanying groups need to be heavily monitored by the associated authorities in Sweden, The Netherlands and Ireland.

William Jenkins
3 years ago