Fair trial for kelly tusing p

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On Friday October 9th 2020 Kelly Marie Tusing was convicted by a biased jury for death of Braylen Louk  by parent or guardian by child abuse. Several jury  members have been identified by Tusing’s husband as either knowing her and him both. ADA Megan Fields was quoted as to saying the defense would argue the state could prove where the injuries came from but it was “not relevant.” What adds more suspicion to the conviction of this woman was that Braylen’s father David Louk wasn’t even present during the trial of his daughters supposed killer. During the testimony of WVSP Trooper Hall he spoke of how the parents were evasive during his questioning at the beginning of the investigation. Witnesses also testified that the parents of the child were fighting to the point they had to get the baby out of the house for her safety. The most disturbing thing is a comment made by David louk(the father) on Facebook he spoke of how tusing watched braylen many times always gave constant updates was always good with the child and even photos. The question that remains unanswered how does a regular babysitter who clearly loves this child all of the sudden flys off the deep end and commits what the state equates as murder? Give her a chance at justice and demand she be brought before a fair jury. Unwilling to ignore the facts and holes in the states case.