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Lower Senior Photo Prices & Make Them Affordable

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Many people regard the senior portrait as one of the greatest memoirs of the high school years. Twelfth graders and their parents across the nation await the day when they can send their portraits to grandparents, uncles, and aunts to announce the student’s impending graduation and milestone achievement. However, for many seniors, that day does not come so easily.

It begins with the initial fee, which ranges up to $65 to get your photos taken. When paying this fee, many parents expect it to be the final price they will pay for senior photos, missing the tiny script at the bottom of the order form stating this is a “sit-in fee”. As they expect senior photos to be more expensive than standard school photos, they find this price reasonable. However, families are met with quite the surprise when they realize that this price was actually just the fee for getting photos taken, and that they need to pay a significant amount if they want to actually purchase photos later, the prices of which were never mentioned or written anywhere on original order form.

To actually buy photos, seniors and their families are met with absurdly high costs, such as paying $160 for the cheapest package and paying a minimum of over $400 to get a digital cd. As if that wasn’t enough, the company hired by schools to take senior photos, Prestige Photos, then additionally says students should buy the “perfect package” for over $500! How can families be expected to dish out hundreds of dollars on something so fundamental as a senior portrait that serves as a keynote memory that they can show to their children and grandchildren many years down the road?

This is a widespread problem that occurs at many high schools and leaves many parents frustrated and disappointed that the school does not provide senior photos for reasonable prices. Many students are left with no other alternatives than to forgo buying a portrait altogether or to have their pictures taken via some other company at much more reasonable and affordable prices. The average family should not be forced to pay hundreds of dollars for something as simple and essential as a senior portrait.

If Prestige Photos can't lower their prices to be more reasonable, then schools should hire other companies and end this monopoly.

Sign this petition to make the statement that you are NOT fine with being overcharged, to tell the school system and Prestige Photos that you are NOT fine with paying hundreds of dollars to obtain your senior photos.

This is an article written by a parent about this absurdity:

And a quick google search turns up a plethora of disappointment and complaints from families about the absurdity of "Prestige Photos". For example:

Spread the petition to high school seniors and their parents so they can help make a difference!

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