Stop misusing the word "MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE"

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Dear Sir/ Madam

        While I write this letter I don't urge for a single ounce of sympathy or goodwill towards doctors from news media in India , I just appeal to your conscience.

      I assume there is some ounce of ethics in your profession as thousands of media houses raise hue and cries about the ethics in the medical profession. "Medical negligence" - its a break or make situation for every physician , a point in the life of every doctor where they are to reconcile and face the music.

Having said that it is a term reserved by the Medical Council of India  for a very specific set of circumstances to be called medical negligence. And it is to be determined by a competent set of authorities including medical personnel in the same / specialty independent of the accused.

By irreversibly reducing the word to a tea shop banter the News Media houses especially the vernacular ones  have made sure that true negligence cases face the same amount of dilution as the thousands which are filed for some vested interests. For some Media houses it has become a matter of trial by media ( a sort of khap panchayat like dictum system which frankly the media and the collective conscience of the nation despises). Frankly in 90% of the cases there is no competent authority investigating or deciding upon the alleged negligence .

While I assume most media houses are not concerned about the irreparable harm it does to the social and professional life of a Physician , what you should be concerned about is the people .Your artificial induction of fear of media trial for negligence has lead to many small time institutions and practitioners completely refusing to take cases that are critical . The government facilities are over burdened. 


This man made artificial crisis needs to stop. Whether you're a common man or a medical professional decide what is the line? WHO GAINS FROM THE DEATH MONGERING? Is it the health care professional? He/ she has nothing to take out of it. Its time the media shows a certain benchmark of ethics and research the values it so wistfully advocates in every other profession.

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