Fire Anjana Om Kashyap from Aaj Tak and issue an apology to the Medical Fraternity!

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Anjana Om Kashyap has exhibited utmost disrepect to the hospital and has violated the moral fabric of the medical fraternity.

1) She has entered an ICU without permission and with cameras - Aaj Tak needs to give an explanation to this gross violation

2) She then heckles both the doctor and nurse and tells them to 'do their job' - clearly wasting their time and violating moral code of conduct

3) She shows unethical and irresponsible journalism by instigating the public against doctors, even though the doctor is doing his duty.

4) This sets a precedent for violence against doctors and she is responsible for any form of violence instigated against doctors after her report.

5) She has not yet apologised to the doctor or the nurse for her irresponsible and unethical journalism