Ban the fake educationists

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Ban the sur names ‘Educationist, Kalvi Thanthai, etc.,’ for individuals other than great leaders of the nation

19 Aug, 2018

Most respected Journalists, Media and Press Persons,

Today the engineering admissions all over the nation had slowed down of whose news you are bringing before the public of this great nation. We the teaching community of the nation found a horrible mistake being committed often. Lakhs of well qualified and eligible professors are being ignored while gathering comments and some businessmen who created a new sur name for them as 'so called educationists' are found to provide you with altered information which are often found to largely deviate from the exact truth. The 'so called educationists' happen to be the agents working for profit and education-as-business. Either they conduct their own business such as 'large scale coaching centers, admission consultancy, career consultancy, paid stage appearances for motivational speeches, large scale tuition centers and others', or work for the profits of private institutions as middlemen. These 'so called educationists' work for two motives. One is heavy earnings and profit for their own education-based business. Other is more admissions and craze towards admissions for the 'Tier-I' (well performing) private colleges to boost their income.

The term 'educationist' was once used for great leaders. When the innocent public comprising of parents with much less exposure to engineering education, watches or reads the opinions of these 'so called educationists', people tend to be cheated by the name 'educationist'. People are conceiving a high regard for the 'so-called educationists' and remain ignorant about the million dollar business conglomerates these 'so-called educationists' own by themself or support for their personal gain. Hence on behalf of more than a million of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the private colleges and on behalf of the crores of students, we request you the dignified journalist community: to eliminate the inappropriate usage of the word 'educationists' or ‘Kalvi thanthai (Tamil)’ or anything similar. Instead to reveal the transparency we would like you to use the exact and appropriate term for these people: ‘private college/school owner’, 'coaching centre owner', 'motivational speaker', 'career consultancy owner', etc., We would also like to recommend their blog, fb page, twitter account or website when you display their names.

It is also a disrespect to the great leaders of the nation who worked for the development of the literacy and knowledge base of the nation, if some x,y,z businessmen in education are called 'educationists'. As you all are well aware that we the teachers who once made you what you are now, and who are involved in developing your children for the future, never had used the term 'educationists' for us. Let us be transparent in our news and public opinion. Jai hind!


Author of T Rex: Teacher is the King

Founder of AIPCEU

President of PEIEA