0 have signed. Let’s get to 100! has for several years published articles written by Harold Hutchinson, an author whose tone-deaf screeds have infuriated the regular readership with his Neville Chamberlain - style appeasement and capitulation to the enemies of the 2nd Amendment. He routinely insults the intelligence of the readership and calls them "incompetent", among other things. Harold Hutchinson is to Ammoland readers what Juan Williams is to Fox News: an intolerable, irritating ignoramus who has no business pontificating about policy and politics due to his breathtakingly profound ignorance and willful disregard for Ammoland readers' insights.

In December 2019, an Ammoland reader strongly suggested to Harold Hutchinson that he end the year on a high note and simply wish the readers a Merry Christmas (and refrain from posting any more of his trademark idiocy). Mr. Hutchinson couldn't resist the urge to pontificate yet again and display his remarkable failure to grasp issues that seem to be far beyond his cognitive ability.

As a result, Ammoland reader dissatisfaction has hit a boiling point, and we want Ammoland to refrain from publishing any more drivel from Harold Hutchinson, who is largely despised by many of Ammoland's most ardent readers.

Ammoland, do the right thing and remove this sniveling fool from your platform!!