Befitting Reply to Pakistan

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Shri Ram Nath Kovind
Hon’ble President of India &
Commander in Chief of
Armed Forces of India
Shri Narendra Modi
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India
Respected Sirs,
                        Terrorist Attacks – Loss of Soldiers – CRPF Jawans
Every one of us is extremely disturbed at the Loss of our precious Soldiers who defend our Nation.
I had written on same lines in September 2016 and write again this is an Open Letter of What a Common Resident Thinks And Suggests and do hope it would merit your consideration as many options get evaluated to deal with this Menace from a Neighbor.
First this that has been established is that Pakistan does not believe in any kind of friendship – for Pakistan India is not ‘A Neighbor’ as India believes Pakistan is to us.
In the aftermath of this, we are fully confident that You would do the best that is in the Short and Long Term Interests of India when you state “I assure the nation that those behind this despicable attack will not go unpunished”.
Sirs, We are proud that you have exposed Pakistan as a Terrorist State and one that is not interested in peace though your commendable initiatives spread over the last two years both on personal and diplomatic initiatives.
Time has now come for India to firm up its response such that such Pakistan does not dare commit any more such Dastardly Attacks on our Soldiers and Soil.
I take the liberty to put down my suggestions:
1.     Time is now for Action.
2.    Call a Special Session of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to Condemn Pakistan in strongest possible words and that that the ‘Lakshman Rekha’ has been breeched and that India breaks all Diplomatic Relations with Pakistan and Closes its Borders.
3.    All Indian Personnel in Pakistan must be withdrawn without any further delay.
4.     India had been advocating peace and it still wants it but not at any such costs and would continue Peace Talks for a Longer Lasting Solution.
5.     Armed Forces must now be deployed on Borders with Pakistan as if  it is a STATE of WAR. 
6.     Every square inch of the Border must be put under 24x7x365 Surveillance using Soldiers and Technology – Doubled or Tripled or whatever is needed.  Borders must be put under Satellite Imagery that is available for the World to see and Monitor transgression from across the border. Video Cameras should record any movement and broadcast to the world in real time. Radars, Pressure Pads, Thermal Imaging, Laser Beams and other Movement detecting technology must be deployed to monitor borders.
7.     Any transgression must be responded with a heavy hand without any delay and Armed Forces must have a Total Free Hand on this.
8.     India can afford the Cost of such an Operation but Pakistan cannot sustain its response for more than a few months given Pakistan’s Economic Condition.
9.     Covert Operations and Hot Pursuit should form part of the over Strategy aimed at Destabilizing Pakistan Economy in every aspect.
10.   Social Media be used to hit Pakistan where it hurts most.
11. Budget would be needed.  There are many sources, viz.,
a.     Surplus Land (minus required for immediate future) with all and in particular with the sick or closed Public Sector Enterprises be disposed off for commercial use and funds used for Defense. With an estimated 10 Lac Acre valued at between Rs. 2.5 – 500000 Crores, this should be a good cushion.
b.     Special Long Term Bonds be issued for releasing funds/gold/assets lying idle with Temples and funds used for Defense.
c.      A Part (50-60%) of Funds with Corporates under CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility be asked to released for Defense.
12. Intelligence must be gathered in any manner possible such that ‘Hot Pursuit’ is possible in case of any further attack on Indian Soil.
13. All Trade Relations be broken with Pakistan immediately and any Treaties, Most-Favored Nation Status etc be rescinded.
14.All support to Pakistan in any terms, may be including Water, be withdrawn.
15. Diplomatic Initiatives be continued to ensure Sanctions on Pakistan across the Globe and at United Nations.
16. Pakistan gets huge Aid/Grants from U.S.A and other nations in return for some favors.  Strategy be designed to disturb this by entering in to Alliance with U.S.A, U.K., France, NATO etc such that Pakistan suffers economic doom.  All these nations are also suffering/suffered from Terrorism and with an Alliance with India and choking Aid/Grants to Pakistan a deathblow can be made to Pakistan and Terrorism.
17. Strategic/Diplomatic Initiatives, as already undertaken by raising issue such as of Balochistan, must continue to destabilize Pakistan.
18. A State Trading Corporation be made to Buy from Exporters all that they have been exporting to Pakistan and similarly the State Trading Corporation should sell to Importers whatever they were importing from Pakistan.  These goods can be sourced from elsewhere within in India or from Abroad.  Thus, there would be no hardship to the Citizens of India.  There may be a cost to this but then India can afford it.
19. All those residing within ‘Indian Territory’ but sympathetic to Pakistan must be advised that
a.     all are under the ‘Constitution of India’ and must abide by it
b.    they seek an Exit Visa from India which must be freely given and
c.     the Indian Passports issued to them be seized and withdrawn
d.     hoisting of Pakistani Flag, Raising Slogans against India, Throwing Stones at Forces be made ‘Treasonable Offences’
20.  If a new Law is required to prevent any demonstrations, unrest, stone throwing and hoisting Pakistani Flag or supporting utterances, it must be passed now or resort to the ‘Emergency’ Provisions under the Constitution and Law for J & K or parts of J & K.
21. Indian Passports be declared as ‘not valid for travel to Pakistan’ – this stamp can be marked on Indian Passport when one is presented at the Immigration both for Exiting and Entering India.
22. Talks with Pakistan, if at all considered necessary at this stage or later, be at a Neutral Venue.  After all, India is the Country of Peace, Freedom, Gandhi and Budhha.
With Highest Regards.
Anand Arya
353, Sector 15A
NOIDA – 201301