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Quash the Bind Over Order from Juvenile Court for 16 year old Cooper Van Huizen

This 16 year old boy, with NO criminal past, one afternoon made some mistakes, he admits that his choice of friends was a mistake, he admits that taking his fathers weapens was a mistake. He did not realize that although the plan was to rob a Drug Dealer of his drugs, it was a dumb thing to do. When they got to the drug dealer's home in Roy, where one of the 18 year olds previously lived, they were INVITED IN, and invited into the basement, where they were talking and joking around, about the gun that the ringleader had, when one of the other 18 year olds and the 17 year old took out their guns and robbed the 2 occupants of their stash of marijuana. Cooper had never before seen anything like this in real life, and stood there in shock and as scared as the two victims were.

When he went to Juvenile Court, the attorney that had come so highly recomended to Cooper's parents failed to do his job and let Cooper be bound over to District Court. So when they went to District Court, with a new attorney that also failed to do his job and gave Cooper and his parents erroneous advice, and with full confidence in the Prosecutor took a plea deal that would give him 180 days in Jail, 3 years Probatin, fines and restitution, the same as the other juviniel, however when it went before Judge Jones of the 2nd District Courts in Weber County Utah, Judge Jones accepted the 17 year old's plea, but added time so he got 210 days in the county Jail, and then denied Coopers Plea Agreement, and sentenced him to Two (2) concurrent 1 to 15 year sentences in the State Prison. 

Because of his age, he cannot be in Gen Pop, therefore he is in the Protective Custody Pod - which also houses the Death Row, and severely Mentally ill inmates. He is locked down 23 hours a day 365 days a year.

For a juvenile that has never been in trouble with the law before, this Judge is way out of line, and this plea needs to be overturned, and Cooper needs to be taken back to Juvenile Court where it should have never left, with an Attorney that has the gonads to take it to a jury. 

So help us get this kid out of the state prison and back into the Juvenile system.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Governor
    Gary Herbert
  • State Senator
    Aaron Osmond
  • 2nd District Court Weber County, Utah
    Presiding Judge Brent W. West
  • Judicial Assistant, Presiding Judge 2nd District Court, Weber County Utah
    Diane Wood
  • Court Executive
    Sylvester Daniels
  • Juvenile Justice Specialist
    UBJJ c/o Reg Garff
  • Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission
    Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice (Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission)

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