The ING Bank has closed all the Iranian accounts in the midst of the Covid 19 quarantine

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The ING Bank of Netherlands has closed all the accounts of Iranian nationals residing in Italy in the midst of the Covid 19 quarantine. The bank has claimed the sudden closure of the accounts is due to US sanctions and the pressure of keeping the Iranian accounts open. The bank only issues a cheque for transfer of the account holder’s money to another international bank while none of the Italian banks open a bank account for Iranian passport holders due to the US sanctions. It is amazing to witness a lack of sympathy and prejudice during a difficult time for mankind. In the times that human beings need to support each other and stand by each other, this corporate operation has taken an extensive prejudicial measure causing tremendous financial suffering to thousands of people quarantined in their homes, leaving them without any cash to afford basic human needs. Help support and share this cause by allowing the people in charge to hear the voice of thousands of ordinary people affected by this decision and remember we are in this crisis together. #covid19 #weareinthistogether #bekind #INGbank #INGdirect