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Francesca is a trans woman who got abused both sexually and non by the police officers who arrested her without a reason. Those officers also had multiple "parties" where they made Francesca and another trans woman (who both are sex workers) have sexual intercourses with each other without their consent or paying them threating to arrest them. All of this was organised by the officer Giuseppe Montella. We demand the government to investigate and to make sure police officers actually behave correctly behind the scenes. We demand justice for all the people abused and killed by the Italian Police. I want to remind our Italian population and the world that Stefano Cucchi, killed by the police in 2009 whose family received the justice they deserved only in 2019, wasn't an isolated case. We need justice. We need to investigate on all the people who mysteriously died in prison. 

We need justice. All the world is rightfully outraged for what happens in the US daily, but we need to acknowledge that our country isn't any better. We need to fight as well. 


We need justice.