Chimps as domestic animals

Chimps as domestic animals

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In this modern times we have lost contact with our traditions and roots. Owning a chimp or a monkey should be mandatory for everybody because it helps us remembering we all were monkeys and monkeys we shall return to live peacefully and happily.

Owning a monkey will be also useful to learn post-pandemic survival skills and reduce our dependence on technology, helping us facing the pandemic and preparing us for future global events.

And most of all a monkey is a faithful companion that can improve you and help you with the game of life, can be a lover and a friend (and monkeys are better than people after all) and a reason of life, can be useful in working places and homes to help you doing your house cleaning and your job.

In conclusion a monkey is a companion, a lover and a friend and a colleague with whom you could share your entire life.


Reject modernity, embrace tradition.

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