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NOTA - Voter's humble and mighty sword

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All Political Parties of India through their Presidents and General Secretaries,


We the citizens of India, in the 71st year of Independence, give notice to all political parties that when their agenda caters to vote banks, vested (before national) interests or they nominate candidates

1. with a criminal record

2. with a questionable background

3. who are turncoats

4. who are outsiders in the constituency

5. who perpetuate dynastic legacies  &

6. we deem unfit


We as responsible citizens of India will register our presence in the polling booths with a vote (being responsible voters) in favour of 'NOTA' and express our extreme displeasure to all of the above.


In the last General Elections of 2014, we, the citizens of India have already made a bold statement to you by voting 1.08% of total votes polled for 'NOTA.' Thus, polling more votes than most political parties (62 out of 79). 'NOTA' had polled 6,000,197 votes standing 17th in terms of votes polled. Janta Dal (United) which polled 5,992,196 votes won 2 seats in the Lok Sabha. 

'NOTA' percentage of vote polled in Legislative assemblies in Oct-Dec 2013

Chhattisgarh                      3.06%

Madhya Pradesh               1.90%

Mizoram                             0.66%

NCT of Delhi                      0.63%

Rajasthan                          1.91%

 Highlights Lok Sabha Elections 2014

No. of Postal Ballot received                       1154607

Poll % (including postal ballot)                    66.44

No. of valid votes            

                Valid votes polled on EVM           546879221

                Valid postal votes                         920783

Total ‘NOTA’ votes

         ‘NOTA’ votes on EVM                  5994418

         ‘NOTA’ votes on postal ballot       8524


Please do not underestimate our power as a common citizen who will not vote for bad candidates and parties with questionable antecedents and exercise our right of 'NOTA.'

 Enough is enough!!!

 Thanking you,




Highlights Lok Sabha Elections 2014 (Election Commission of India)

Electoral Statistics Pocket Book 2014 of Election Commission of India,_2014

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