Help stop poaching and habitat destruction in Costa Rica!

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We can save the endangered animals around the world! The changes that need to be made should be implemented by individual people, groups and governments. The main areas of focus in order to solve this global problem are the ending of poaching, pollution and habitat protection. 

You can make a difference today! This petition will be sent to the authorities in charge in order to continue to strengthen laws, enforcement of laws and awareness related to poaching and habitat protection for our most critical species.

Animals are an important part of our lives and they need our help! Every time we cut a tree, we put these poor animals in danger. Every time we hunt for fun, we kill for no reason. That's why we need your help! 

We the citizens of this world must demand that our leaders and our lawmakers enforce the laws that exist in Costa Rica. A law that is not enforced is a useless law. Sign this petition today and make a difference! 

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