Destroy Venezuela from the face of the earth

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Venezuela needs to disappear from planet earth, and here is a list with the main reasons:

  • The National Assembly reported Friday, October 6, that inflation accumulated in Venezuela until September this year reached 536.2%. In a press release, National Assembly deputy, Angel Alvarado, reported that inflation in September reached 36.3% and the accumulated in 2017 reached 536.2%.
  • In recent months have been the Center for Documentation and Analysis for Workers (Cenda) along with the Center for Documentation and Social Analysis of the Venezuelan Federation of Teachers (Cendas-FVM), who have alluded to the increase with price publications of the food basket and the basic family basket. The family food basket only refers to food products, without taking into account personal hygiene products. During the month of July 2017 it rose to 1,443,634.25 bolívares, this increase was 17.4% over the previous month, equivalent to 213,935.90 bolivars, that is, currently needed, 14 salaries (97,530 bolívares) to acquire the food basket for five members. For today, October 16, 2017, the salary is at 136,544.18 bolívares, adding 189,000.00 bolívares of Cestaticket (food card that grants you an amount of which you only have if you are a state worker) for a total of 325,544.18 bolivars, an amount that still does not reach the price of the food basket.
  • The Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) has not published its official index of scarcity since April 2014, when the index was located, according to the entity, at 25.3%. According to information collected in Ecoanalítica, this index stood at 35.9% for February 2016, an increase of 10.6 percentage points (pp) from the 2014 figure.
  • The famine rate in the population is 13%, many are eating from the garbage. (FAO)
  • According to the Ministry of Health of Venezuela, in the latter the cumulative figures for 2016 are compared and compared with those of 2015. There is a 30% increase in infant mortality and a 65.79% increase in maternal mortality. According to official figures from the Ministry of Health, 11,466 children under one year of age died in Venezuela last year, an increase of 30.12% compared to what happened in 2015, when this figure reached 8,812.
  • The president of the Pharmaceutical Federation of Venezuela (Fefarven), Freddy Ceballos, called the situation "the humanitarian crisis" the country is facing due to a shortage of medicines. "In Venezuela there are 80% of failures in the supply of medicines, we are in a humanitarian crisis because the patients are dying unfortunately because of the lack of medicines, there are no inputs for the operations and because the State does not accept what happens in the country", he said.
  • The Venezuelan Observatory of Security (OVS), reflected that in the Liberating Municipality, Caracas was raised, in a month and 12 days, 182 homicides. This may indicate that in the Venezuelan capital there has been an average of 4 homicides per day if the number is divided among the 43 evaluated days.
  • Venezuela is the second most violent country in the world (only surpassed by El Salvador). The Venezuelan Observatory of Violence (OVV) estimated that in 2016 there were 28,479 "violent deaths"; that is, a rate of 91.8 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants.
  • Venezuela enters the ranking of the most corrupt countries in Latin America.
  • Due to the number of problems that invade the life of the Venezuelan citizen, many have had to migrate to other countries in search of better opportunities. Approximately 80,000 Venezuelans have migrated to Panama, 50,000 to Peru, 300,000 to Colombia, 500,000 to the United States and a large number to other countries like Chile, Ecuador and Argentina. At least, half of them all, illegally. As a result of this, others have also exported the bad values ​​that many of them possess, such as robbery, violence, violations of laws, disrespect, intolerance and arrogance, seriously affecting the country that receives them.

The purpose of this message is only the title itself. Venezuela needs to disappear as a country, its citizens need to stop reproducing and stop propagating their wickedness, since for many years it has only stepped back in its evolution, even being one of the countries with the greatest natural wealth in the world and being able to have the reach to incredible possibilities for its development. Poverty needs to stop, disease needs to stop, corruption needs to stop, misfortune needs to stop, evil needs to stop, somehow or other.

I write this with great sadness and without hope, as a citizen born and raised in Venezuela; leaders of the world with access to nuclear and destructive weapons:

Venezuela MUST cease to exist, for the good of humanity.

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