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For the closure of the Povoação Zoological Park (Azores)

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When all of us had been waiting for the closure of the Povoação Zoological Park, that is in an irregular situation for some years, it was with deep consternation that we learned that the City Council, presided over by you, intends to invest about 250.000 euros in its remodeling.
Considering that throughout the civilized world the general tendency is the closure of zoos because, in addition to the high costs associated with its maintenance, its educational function has already been supplanted by the development of technologies;
Given that the maintenance of wild animals in captivity is increasingly challenged for ethical and ecological reasons, it does not make any sense what is proposed by you. In fact, living in a prison with more area is not the same as living in an immensity of space and freedom.
Also absurd is Your idea to make animal rotations to diversify the supply, because animals are living beings that they feel, they are not pictures that are replaced by others that are in any collection.

We are asking you to reconsider the project and look for an alternative, for a better occupation of that magnificent space, in the certainty that it will set a great example for the defense of animal rights.

Best regards

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