HEALTH LAW AMENDMENT BILL 2018 on pharmacy & poisons act cap244, as passed on 7th/Nov/2018

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Petition to his Excellency the President of the Republic of Kenya & Commander in chief of the Kenya Defence forces on the Health amendment bill 2018.
That the Health amendment bill 2018, under pharmacy and poisons act, Cap 244, laws of Kenya define pharmaceutical devices to include Vaccines, Diagnostics , Blood products among others. This places the said items exclusively under pharmacist registered under the said act. Blood is a body fluid that carries oxygen to body tissues and organs and removes carbon dioxide from the body tissues as well as transportation of nutrients to the entire human body.
Blood for transfusion is collected by medical laboratory professionals through a questionnaire, interview then tests on haemoglobin levels and the potential donors are bleed through a process called venepuncture or Phlebotomy where a unit of Blood is obtained and requisite samples for testing Transfusion transmissible infections (TTIs) such as HIV, Cytomegalovirus, Hepatitis and B& C, Syphilis & Malaria are collected and submitted to a registered medical laboratory for investigation & analysis for safety of the Blood. Safety of Blood and Blood products prepared immediately after Blood collection is ensured through appropriate storage in ambient temperatures and competent testing of TTIs as well as competent Blood grouping tests. Finally a compatibility thesis done using patients/ recipients blood samples before release to the prescribing clinicians and Nurses. Any break of the gold standard will make Blood sold in pharmacies without due regard to best practices for safety and efficiency. Blood donor is none commercial and donors are none remunerated. Making Blood under the control of pharmacists in chemist selves will not only spread blood borne pathogens to the entire society but will make it an expensive commodity and fit for sale in back street chemists. Let's maintain the best practice of Blood safety known internationally. MPs by moving IVDs and Blood to pharmacy may have looked at the commerce part it as alittle of presentations on the same was presented to departmental committee on health to no avail. Please Mr. President Don't assent to the Health bill 2018 with Medical Laboratory reagents & equipments (IVDs) under. pharmacy but return the bill back to National assembly for necessary rectification. Thank in Advance Mr. President.
Yours Faithfully.
Concerned Health professional and Kenyans of good will