Put an end to the mass murders in U.S. schools with armed guards & more security measures.

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We have a lack of security to protect our children while they’re at school and we’re tired of seeing mass murder committed on school grounds without any resistence. We need to create a stronger security layer to prevent harm to our kids and teachers.

Everyone entering a school should be aware that our schools are protected, making it nearly impossible for something like this to happen. We need to have federal funding for trained armed security to protect schools in the U.S., more security on the properties, signage explaining the consequence of threatening the children and metal detectors. A dog handler and a trained working dog could help. There’s plenty of Veterans, Police Officers & trained citizens that can fill the void and allow parents to feel comfortable sending their kids to school, knowing their kids will be safe and make it home each day. Enough is enough! We protect other public places with armed security (i.e. banks, stadiums, airports, malls), why would we not provide similar security to our children? How many school shootings will we have to shed tears over before we see resolve.  We share in the thoughts and prayers but they dont stop these senseless tragedies.  Your action will.

It took a horrible, horrible act of terror against the greatest country in the world, the United States of America, to federalize the security within the airport system.

We need to federalize security within our schools as most schools don’t have the budget for added security. 

I’m sure there are brave men and women that would step in and volunteer their time to help this get ramped up. Until we get the right people in place let’s tap into the parents and trained security experts to build a first layer of security.

There’s no more room for candlelight vigils, mass prayer chains and funerals for young children and young adults because some lunatic found a way into a school in the US with a weapon to commit mass murder or any murder or bodily harm to the faculty and the children. 

I call on you to do something... sign this petition, call your local representative, city, state, federal and tell them you support armed security in our schools, our future generations depend on it.  ACT!  SIGN!


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