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Trump Stop Deportation of Non-Criminal illegal neighbors; Spouse/Parents US Citizens

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Dear President Trump and those Legislators who can help, We are petitioning for the family, neighbors and friends who reside in our great country without full documentation, a.k.a. noncriminal illegal immigrants. We are asking both parties to work together and bring forth legislation or  a moratorium to protect these people who are married to and/or parents to US Citizens. We are citizens across the nation who are desperate to help these families from being divided. They are great contributors to what makes America great! They are paying taxes, supporting families, contributing to communities. These people are not hiding! These people have legal social security numbers, state drivers licenses, hold other state/government licenses.  Many of these people have been persecuted/oppressed in their original countries and even in this great country by the corrupt lawyers involved in human trafficking/immigration over the decades. Many of these people have tried to fix their paperwork situations but do not have the legal means. We are thankful you are deporting the criminals but please do not let our good immigrants slip through the cracks!  We ask you President Trump,ever so humbly to help us.  Families are being devastated, communities losing hope that they are insignificant and have no voice.  Please show the people they still count and have a voice by answering this request. Respectfully, the People who Make America Great!  Please see - Our organization is trying to Re Open the Case/and/or/expedite waivers in the case of Kong Xin Chen. - Appeal to President Trump and the legislators to come together and work on behalf of the people to make America great! Understand the stories and situations of the human lives that are being affected by ineffective laws and/or a fragmented immigration system. The Deportation of non-criminal undocumented immigrants is causing real and true suffering to the American people. We need this to stop. We need your help President Trump!

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