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The People against big pharma for Atrocities and Crimes against Humanity-

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Vaccines and Medication are not adequately tested, or tested at all.  Poisons are being injected into healthy people and then they are lied to about why they need it and the effectiveness and potential danger.


The CDC itself says these formulas and treatments- vaccines- do not work they way they say it does, and they realize the "scientific evidence" was skewed. but continue to promote "Get your shot" Doctors are knowingly and unknowingly giving and pressing into people to take shots that do not work the way they say they do.  

In this country right now the incidence of medically related issues from irreversible damage to death is on the rise- needlessly.

It can be shown in clinical as well as independent studies that there is a direct relation to vaccines and  generation after generation of leaky gut, autoimmunity, caner, childhood disease, yes autism and more- If you want a full account- see the Truth about Cancer, the Truth about Vaccines, Vaxxed, or anything written by Robert F Kennedy JR on thimerosal- or Mike Adams, good scientific foundations.

It's time to stop and retake our freedoms- Vaccination is forced on Day One of life in america- baby's being injected with more 100's times more thimerosal than is allowed in ppb of our drinking water- Vit K injections that contain aluminum-and is unneeded, Mom eat your greens baby will have all the Vit k she/he needs through you! This is just a small tough into the problems.

There are better safer ways to address the issues you are up against. You have been told and believe there are health risks and concerns that are manufactured for the sake of drug sales. 

Know before you are injected, or before your kids are injected be pro information- it could safe your life or the life of your child- Do not be ruled by fear. 

At the rate these shots are being given out and the rate of increase in childhood Autism and disease - humanity (the american people anyway) as we know it right now, will not exist in 30 years. Look forward into time and think about the ratio of kids getting Autism and when they are all adults- what america will look like...

Mr.President, Members of congress, Senators, I know you have a lot On your plate- And I realize it will cause a financial collapse to stop big pharma- there is more at stake than the lining of big Pharma pockets. But, there will not be a country to run or laws to make if this continues. This brand of make-shift science and blatant lies about the health and treatment of the citizens of this country needs addressed now. Sign this petition if you agree, get this in front of people who can change it-
It starts with "We the people" not accepting or tolerating being treated like Ginny pigs- Don't rely on a system that does not have your interest in mind.

Go watch the watch the above mentioned and then educate yourselves- eradicate disease by eliminating the cause- big pharma.

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